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Stunning Samantha

December 11, 2012

Hello! Look! It’s me! How have you been? Pretty good? Things have been very good with me. It’s been a great fall and winter so far, baring a few minor catastrophes, and I have been knitting up a storm. I have finally managed to publish a pattern that I have been working on since June, called Stunning Samantha!

Named and knit for my cousin, it will be her Christmas gift unless she disregards my instructions on Facebook to not look at the post about this cowl, in which case she will get NOTHING!!!! (I hope you don’t read this blog, Sam. Hehehe.)

Darryl retouch


Stunning Samantha is worked all in once piece, beginning with Judy’s Magic cast on, so that the stitches for both the edging and the main body are available at once. The edgings are worked perpendicularly to the body, and bind off all the live stitches so that when you are done knitting, you have only 9 stitches to bind off normally. Beads and contrast coloured edges are optional and there are 2 size options. This pattern takes 2-3 skeins of light fingering yarn, depending on which variations you chose.


The pattern is available on Ravelry to purchase by clicking this link:  Stunning Samantha

or on Craftsy by clicking this one:  Stunning Samantha

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  1. Megan Grewal permalink
    December 11, 2012 10:59 am

    Very pretty and the photos look great! I like the one with the beads best :)

    Megan Grewal Blog: http:/

    Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 18:49:49 +0000 To:

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