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Anna Zilboorg

October 26, 2012

I have been working really hard on my new collection of patterns. I say collection because I am working on them all at once, but I am going to stagger their release, so please don’t expect an e-book or anything. I have been very excited about the designs, I was very excited about the photo shoot, I am very excited about the photos. I guess between the hard work on these, the hard work on tech editing and on preparing some designs for another publication, not to mention sick kids, snow, and the usual day-to-day stuff like housework and trying to make pea soup when the store has run out of split peas, I got burnt out. Last night I got to the point where I could have cried if someone looked at me funny. Actually, I did. This morning has been no better. I feel discouraged.

But. But I drove my kids to school, and despite their inability to find their mittens or actually wear socks, they were on time. I wore my mittens that I made in a KAL with Abi and our friend Dawn several months ago, for the first time. I didn’t really think about them until I was driving home, and I realized how warm and comfy my hands were. I realized that I had made those mittens with friends who support me, out of yarn dyed by one friend and spun by another. I thought of Anna Zilboorg, who designed the mittens. Abi and I took a class with her at each of the Sock Summit’s, and I have to tell you, she is incredible. You can tell by listening to her that she loves life, that she delights in a challenge, because defeating those challenges stretches her and makes her grow and she likes that. She doesn’t hide behind discouragement to simply do her best. She does better.

Today I will be Anna Zilboorg. Watch for some fascinating stories and real joie to vivre coming from me today.

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