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Who likes to Rock the Party?!

July 14, 2012

I like to Rock the Party! Ok, sorry for the blatant rip off from the Flight of the Conchords, but really, what else could these socks be called? My latest design, published by Three Irish Girls for the Sock Yarnista club.

Two years ago while hanging out at Tesia’s house with the coolest people on the planet, watching Flight of the Conchords, and knitting, I quickly made a pair of worsted weight socks using some of the same colourwork patterns that are in the knee socks, using Abi’s leftover Spring Rainbow set on Springvale Worsted. I love them, they are cozy winter socks. But when a person wears cozy winter socks, it is in boots, and no one can see them. Obviously that could not be allowed. So by the time Sock Summit 2011 rolled around, I realized that I needed a mini skein set of Glenhaven Fingering to make a pair of knee socks. Somehow though, I left there without any. Sad sad sad. But Sharon, being the world’s greatest Yarnista, agreed to make me a set based on a photograph that hangs in my dad’s office, of the  Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National park.

These knee socks used 9 colourways (8 semi solids and 1 handpaint), are worked top down, and never stop being fun to knit. Glenhaven fingering is my very favorite yarn because it is so soft, so strong, and somehow, I can knit it at a tighter gauge than other yarns without any trouble at all. (I usually knit quite loosely.) The pair that fit my size 7 feet and reach just over the lower edges of my knees used 172g/654 yards. Scraps left from other sock projects would work very nicely for this, or a mini skein set, or you could make them work with as few as 4 colours if you wanted an excuse to buy 4 new skeins. :)


The cuffs, heels and toes are worked using the handpaint. The heel is a Eye of the Partridge flap and turn deal.

   I will let you know when the pattern is up for sale to the public!



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