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A real Emergency. Hat.

June 21, 2012

As many of you know, the members of TAAT are fans of, and friends with, Sharon the Yarnista, the brains and talent behind Three Irish Girls yarn. Sharon is a talented artist, but beyond that, she is also a wonderful human being. Her contributions over the last few years to SHARE have been overwhelming, to say the least.

Over the last few days, disaster in the form of major flooding and the consequences thereof have wreacked havoc on the city of Duluth Minnesota, where Sharon lives and works. I won’t post pictures here of the damage, because none of them are mine to post, but if you haven’t seen them, please check Google  for images and articles. The damage and loss of animal lives is severe and heart rending, but fortunately, no people have been hurt badly.

It occured to me as I worried for my pregnant friend and her family that I can do a small something to help. All proceeds from the sale of my recent Emergency Hat pattern for the next month will be donated to a relief fund for Duluth. As of now, I am not sure where it will be donated, just that Sharon is going to let me know when she hears of a responsible choice. If no relief fund is set up, I have it sent to the food bank in Duluth as I am sure that  it will be in demand.

If you decide to purchase a copy of the pattern to help, don’t forget about the contest going on until August 1 for this pattern!

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