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Camp Loopy!

June 12, 2012

Abi has already been talking about Camp Loopy, but I have a few things to add. :) I have a meatier post planned about how to chose colours to suit you and your pattern, but that requires photographs, which in turn require energy. I have been spending my spare time mourning, so the post will have to wait.

For now, I will let you know what I have been doing for Camp Loopy, and why. I think that a lot of the appeal of camp is the concept of deadline knitting for fun. It’s nice to have something to strive toward that really has no consequences if I don’t make it. It’s not a design that is needed by publishers, it’s not a gift that needs to be done by an occasion, it’s the knitting equivalent of a toughened sailer setting out to sail across any body of water, except perhaps around Cape Horn. I won’t go so far as to compare knitting for fun and prizes to that. Ok, so it’s the knitting equivalent of a sailer out to conquer the sea. Just the sailer and the boat vs the waves and wind. For fun.

I am knitting Kirsten Kapur’s Cladonia for project 1, using Madeline Tosh Merino light. It is my first time using any MadTosh yarn, and I am loving it. The colourways I chose are sophisticated, calm, and reflect how I feel these days, which isn’t all that sophisticate and calm, but less bright and perky than usual. Cloak and Kale, shown here.


I started the lace section tonight, and should be done within a few days. I am very happy with this project.

Project 2, like Abi said, calls for us to chose a colour from the flag of our country. My choices were red and white. I like this challenge quite a lot, actually. Yes, this limits our choices and probably most of the people taking part are chosing amoung the same 3 colours, but I like how it ties in with the Olympics.

I decided to try out Malabrigo lace. I am using these challenges as a chance to try out new to me yarns, which I hardly ever do because I am so happy with my favorites that come in the mail each month, from Three Irish Girls and Yarn Love. I am excited to try the Mal lace though; I chose Sealing Wax for the colourway, which I have used before on their bulky base and loved. Now I just have to decide what to knit. Suggestions?

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  1. Rhonnie permalink
    June 14, 2012 5:33 am

    That’s really pretty Trisha!! :)
    I have been doing the same with trying new to me yarns for Camp Loopy :)
    My first project is Cascade Pima Ultra in DK and my second is Swans Island Organic Merino in fingering. :)
    I’m enjoying the exposure to new yarns (shhhh, don’t tell DH I’m trying “new” things though).

    • girlymomknits permalink*
      June 14, 2012 8:26 am

      Of course not! That might lead to trying new foods and traveling to new yarn festivals!! ;)

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