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Camp Loopy Project Two

June 11, 2012

The Camp Loopy Project Two announcement went up today – two weeks (and one day)  into the first challenge, two weeks (and two days) until Project Two starts!

This month’s project is to knit something using at least 800 yards of yarn, and at least part of it has to be one of the colors of your country’s flag. Are we sensing a theme here? I guess the folks over at The Loopy Ewe have Olympic Fever this summer!

Project Motion – Flag in the Breeze Elaron, on Flickr

Because I know that most people participating in Camp Loopy come from countries where red, blue and white are the colors in their flags, I knew I had to get right on this challenge – luckily, I got home from work right after the blog was posted and was able to get started searching!

Last year for Project Two, I chose Madelinetosh Vintage as my yarn, and I wanted to stick with Madelinetosh for Project Two this year, too.  The 800 yard requirement immediately made me think of a sweater – which led me to Madelinetosh Sport.  Allison has recently been knitting with this yarn and says it is wonderful, so I hope that I will think so too!  After a lot of deliberation (aka none at all – I love blue!), I decided to choose to focus on the color blue in the US flag. The lovely ladies over at The Loopy Ewe said, and I quote, “We’re loose on exact color interpretation. If, for example, your flag contains a navy blue but you want to use a teal blue, that’s ok. Blue is blue for this project.” so I went looking for any blues that caught my eye.  I wanted something that reads fairly neutral, since I’m still working steadily on my Gnarled Oak cardigan in a rich, deep color.

I looked at and discarded a fair number of colors (including some Three Irish Girls in a new, exclusive colorway) before settling on two – Wellwater, a soft greyish blue (two skeins) and Smokestack, a light grey (one skein).  I chose the two colors after realizing that there were only two skeins of the Wellwater in stock. By that point I had my heart set on Wellwater so I went looking for a contrast color to go with. This project on Ravelry gave me hope that the two colors will go together nicely!

I placed my order, so now comes the hard part: finding the pattern! I’m envisioning a sweater with some thinner stripes, waist and bust shaping and a relatively scooped neck. Anyone have suggestions??


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