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Fulfillment, filled

May 18, 2012

This will be a post without photos, which was not my original plan. I find myself at my parents house, waiting to go visit my grandpa in the hospital.

We left yesterday, my hooligans and I, and made the 14 hour drive out. I packed up my blue Fulfillment bag (because the other is still lost.) with everything but my clothes and toiletries. My laptop, headphones, various cables and plugs, sock knitting project (almost complete), 2 colour shawl project (not yet started, but the yarn is caked.), and future sock project (2 balls of commercial sock yarn that I will never use when surrounded by better choices, so on the road with limited yarn is the way to go.), eReader, project bag, scissors, darning needle, stitch markers, needle sizer, math homework for my big kid, and I forget what else.

I was a bit worried when I zipped it shut and lifted the bag by the handles that they wouldn’t hold, or the knitting would stretch at the edges of the handles, because let’s be honest. That is a lot of weight in there. But it held up just fine! It had no harder time being carried full than it does when empty.

I love this bag. Have you made yours yet? If not, head on over to Knitpicks to pick up the pattern and the yarn, or buy it on Ravelry or Craftsy where I will put it on sale for the duration of my road trip. I don’t know when we will be going home, so do not delay!! (Sorry, I am having trouble linking the pattern pages from my phone, which is my only option just now, even though I brought my computer. The hospital visit is at the top of my list of priorities.)


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