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The Conclusion of a Secret Project

May 6, 2012

After a temporary delay during which time I worked on my Gnarled Oak sweater, I finally finished the Secret Project last week. I machine washed (gentle cycle, cold wash/cold rinse, with basic woolwash – my washing machine is from the 80’s and doesn’t have a lot in the way of handknit-friendly options!) the blanket, hung it up until it was just damp, and then laid it out with blocking wires to finish drying.  There are no pictures of this stage as it was done mostly in the dark, and fully in dreary, gloomy weather. (As an aside, in a twist of the usual way of things, we’ve had a string of grey, rainy weeks with sunny, springlike weekends – not bad at all, but not conducive to after-work-photography-sessions.)

As part of my quest to improve my photography, I have been playing with my husband’s fancy camera.  I still have a lot of learning to do, and a lot of things to try with regards to staging, backdrops and lighting, but here are a few photographs to tide you over :)




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