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An Adventure in Pooling

February 3, 2012

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m making another pair of longies using the same yarn and pattern, but this time in a different colorway (Kate).  The longies are for a friend of mine who is having a baby of an unknown flavor – the intention is that I’ll send her both, and that way she will be well sorted when the baby shows up!

The previous pair in Carson had a rather interesting incidence of pooling, given how I dislike it so – and this pair in Kate are shaping up to be the same, with an added twist.

The front is coming out with crazy flashes of the green, light pink and magenta colors.  The zigzag appearance is caused by the short rows on the back side.

Interestingly, you can see in the waistband that the colors actually striped very nicely in that section! However, the change in stitch count and pattern between the waistband and the body of the longies caused a rather dramatic change in how the yarn behaved!  I could have done any one of my many tricks to prevent this from happening but I am trying to just let the yarn do what it wants to do…. the recipient won’t mind.

Let’s be honest – a baby can pull off this look. Me, on the other hand? Not so much. Were I to use this colorway for something for me, I would obviously NOT just go with it!

The back side of the longies, however, is sure to tickle the funny bones of some of my friends who find it amusing when certain things happen on the backside of clothing destined to cover the bottoms of babies.

I can’t say that I think this particular striping has gone astray – I just followed my pattern exactly has written, so I’m glad it worked out with the darker colors on the backside and the lighter colors on the front.

I’m about an inch away from starting the gusset and I am looking forward to seeing what happens to the yarn when I work the gusset increases. On the Carson pair, that ended up being my favorite section and I am starting to suspect the same will be true on these.

On another note, it’s been interesting knitting one of my own patterns so long after writing it! I had a moment of wondering why on earth something was done the way it was, and then realizing later that it did something intentional. Something that I meticulously planned. So much for long-term memory…


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  1. Rhonnie permalink
    February 3, 2012 7:43 pm

    Ohhh! I love it!! :)
    They are going to turn out perfect!!
    And the pooling the way it did…LOL – awesome :)

    • February 4, 2012 10:45 am

      Yeah… ;) They are fun and bright and crazy, that’s for sure!

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