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Sweater #1, and what I have learned.

January 9, 2012

You may remember that I have been working on a Murcott sweater as part of my plan to learn as much as I can about knitting sweaters. It’s a lovely design, the yarn is perfect for it. It is not finished, but I have learned a lot.

First thing I have learned is that just because I think that I should have enough yarn doesn’t mean that I do. I assumed that since I had enough yarn to knit Laughing Miss Dashwood (this was the yarn that I used for the first version, which was too big.)  I figured that there would be enough to do Murcott, even though it uses more yarn. Nope.

The second thing that I have learned is that I should not ignore the nagging feeling that something isn’t right. I read through the whole pattern, several times, and it seemed pretty straightforward. But the shaping on the right front piece has an error in it, just a small matter of reversing 2 sentences which actually has a big effect on the knitting. If I had listened to the nagging feeling, I wouldn’t have knit almost the whole right front piece even though it has a glaring mistake in it. I think that if I had worked the pattern in the order written, I wouldn’t have noticed, because I would have made both pieces the same. I started with the right one in case I needed to get more yarn, because I figured it would be better to use the new yarn for the layer that isn’t seen as much in case it didn’t match. Another lesson here is that when I am tech editing I should be extra sure that the instructions are right, but also that they are in the right order. (Obviously I didn’t tech edit this pattern, I am just holding on to this lesson for the future.)

The fourth thing that I learned is that I really like the style of instructions used for this pattern. It’s very clear, but doesn’t hold your hand. I like that. I tend to write patterns that have more information rather than less, but I like to knit from patterns that give you what you need and let you decide the other stuff.

So now I need to decide what to do. I don’t have enough yarn, and I am not sure which instruction is correct for the front pieces. I might frog and make up a different front that will not overlap, so will use less yarn. But I am not sure that scrapping the pattern and making up my own thing is really in keeping with my plan, so I might just set it aside for now and decide after I make something else.  Please don’t take this post as a slam on the pattern, it really is lovely and well written and believe me when I say that I know that mistakes can still appear in patterns no matter how hard you work to prevent them. If I can figure out how it is supposed to be, I will make this pattern again. Maybe with different yarn though, so I can be sure that I have enough. This poor yarn keeps getting its hopes up about being worn and being let down.

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