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November 15, 2011

Mini-skeins are all the rage these days, and I’m also trying to branch out and try some new things. When my friend Stephanie over at SpaceCadet Creations decided to start a new mini-skein club, I decided to jump on board. My first package came today and I thought I’d share the excitement with you for those of you anxiously awaiting yarny packages of varying types.

The box arrives! They shipped on Friday/Saturday (since Friday was a holiday here, I think they went out Saturday?) and mine arrived today. In addition to the photo of a Priority Mail box, you get a glimpse of my brand-new floors and baseboards! Don’t you love it? Isn’t it beautiful? Would you have ever guessed that the walls looked white before the white baseboard was added?


I opened the box and found some tissue paper tucked around a plastic bag containing my goodies. A little card was tucked in too, with a small pin, welcoming me to the club. The packaging was nice but not too fancy, which I appreciate (I hate wasting lots of packing materials and bits), and everything arrived in good condition.



In addition to the miniskeins (5 in all), a little trial size sample of Eucalan was included.  You can see the notecard and the attached pin in the top right corner of the card.  The miniskeins came tied together with a white ribbon and each skein has its own label attached as well, with relevant information.


The good lighting is gone this time of day here in the PNW, and I won’t be home in time to take photos in daylight again until Saturday so forgive the photo quality! My minis were tied together with a ribbon. Starting with the variegated colorway on the right, we have a Dept of Rocket Science (one-of-a-kind) colorway on Stella, a superwash merino/nylon blend yarn, weighing in at 15g. Then comes “Dapple” (photo not at all true to color – it’s lovely!) on a super soft unnamed merino/suri alpaca blend with a halo, weighing 20g. The pretty yellow is “Pollen” on Celeste, a superwash merino that is soft and velvety, weighing 21g.  The next variegated mini is Spring on Estelle, a superwash merino, nylon and cashmere blend, at 21g. Lastly, the lovely grey is another Dept of Rocket Science colorway on Lucina, a superwash  merino, nylon and stellina blend weighing 21g.

Obviously since I just received my package I’ve yet to do anything but fondle the yarns – but overall I’m quite pleased, and excited to work out a project for my minis.  I thought I’d do a little list of bulleted thoughts, not true pros/cons but just things I’m thinking about for anyone else who is contemplating joining this club!

  • I love how the colorways all go together – they don’t match, but I can definitely use them in the same project(s)
  • The weight seems consistent between the different bases; yardage/100g is similar and they feel close – this is great for mixing also! Fingering weight can mean a lot of different things in my experience so I’m pleased about this.
  • I chose the “Gentle” mix (mostly semisolids and gently variegated yarns), but I’m almost wishing I had chosen the “Wild” mix – just to see what it looks like and branch out a bit.
  • Each mini is superwash but they all contain different fibers; I’m not sure how they will wear over time when used in combination with each other. It will be interesting to find out.

My mind is spinning with all sorts of ideas for my new yarny goodies – but alas, it’s back to the remodel for me. Carpets are going in tomorrow and I have more furniture to shift!


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