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Some things I learned about photo shoots

November 8, 2011

Last weekend it was cold. Not so cold that you wrap your face in a thick scarf to protect it from the wind, not so cold that even Smart Wool socks in boots rated to -30C don’t keep your toes from burning. We aren’t there yet, but it’s coming. The day in question, it was cold enough that we held our breaths while being photographed because otherwise our faces were obscured by the steam.

My dad was in town, and is a pretty great photographer. Unfortunately, he left his good camera behind when he came to visit, and wound up using a friends camera instead, but he got some wonderful shots of my new designs. I have a collection of hats coming out soonishly. As soon as I have time to go over the tech edit notes and get the formatting done, I will get them up for you all to see. But the point of this post is to tell you what I learned.

#1- Hold your breath when being photographed when the temperature is below zero. Try holding your breath while smiling naturally. You might want to practice this in advance.

#2- Do not talk incessantly while having your picture taken. My friends all looked beautiful and smiled nicely in the pictures. My mouth was open in almost every shot.

#3- If you are styling the shoot, and modeling, designate a back up stylist to double check how you look before the shutter button starts clicking. Make sure that the back up knows that they are the back up. The wind blew my hat too far back on my head, but my back up was having her turn being photographed and so I didn’t realize until I saw the shots later that my hat wasn’t being worn as intended. It’s too bad, because I had envisioned much better shots of it, it’s a cute hat.

#4- When your photographer is more used to taking pictures of wildlife than of people, and a moose walks by, you can expect that 30 of the 173 pictures taken will be of the moose.

#5- Having a wardrobe planning session with your friends/models before the day of the shoot is a fun and good idea. It helps them to understand your vision, and you get to try on their clothes. Fun.

#6- If you promise to pay your friends/models in hot beverages, and the temperature is below freezing, bring them in a thermos. Tim Hortons cups, while classic in style, are not well insulated, and by the time you get from the car to the location about 30m away, the drinks will be cold. Cold cold cold.


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  1. November 19, 2011 4:06 pm

    Hilarious! I love your lessons learned. :-) I’ll have to remember to take notes the next time I do a shoot so I can provide tips for photographing children. Stubborn children. ;-)

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