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November 1, 2011

I just recently posted about November’s approach. Now that it’s here, I realized that the end of first quarter is only six school days away and then – AND THEN!!! – we have *two* three-day weeks.  We have Veteran’s Day off, obviously, and the Thursday before is a professional/conference day in my district. This means no students, and since we at the middle school level hold our parent conferences on Monday & Tuesday evenings instead of during the day Thursday, it means no work for me too!  Then of course two weeks later (American) Thanksgiving is here, providing another two glorious days off.

Thanksgiving – and November in general – also marks the start of my favorite time of year, ski season.  My family back east have just had heaps of early season snow, and we’ve had a few dustings in our mountains too.  It’s a La Nina year, which means (hopefully) heavy snows and great skiing, so I’m excited for that.

It also has meant more, earlier cold weather for us out here in the Pacific Northwest. We turned the heat on for the first time a few weeks ago and I put the winter duvet on the bed last week. This morning when I went to work it was only 40 F (4.44444 C) outside – my ears and hands were C-O-L-D!

All of this combines to have me thinking that next Thursday and Friday need to be hat-and-mitten knitting day. Because I don’t already have enough of either, of course, and I am pretty much ready for a vacation.  So please, hit me with your best suggestions for hats and mittens and/or mitts.  I’ve got to get knitting!

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  1. November 1, 2011 11:02 pm

    One of my favorite hats I’ve ever knit was the Bel Cloche: Quick but fun knit, and great look.

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