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Is it really almost November?

October 27, 2011

I’m not really sure how it happened that it’s almost November. First Quarter is over in two weeks at my school! Where has time gone?

A few months ago my husband mentioned that a coworker of his was expecting a baby and asked if I would make something for the baby. Of course I agreed and started looking around for just the right yarn/pattern. Not knowing much about this coworker, I knew it should be something superwash and fairly simple, but I wanted to use something from stash.

Clouds in my Coffee on Springvale Super Merino (far right)

I finally settled on a skein of yarn that I picked up at the Three Irish Girls booth at Sock Summit.  I really like it, but didn’t have any big plans for it. It’s a Carpe Yarnem colorway called Clouds in my Coffee and I decided it would be just right for a baby boy.

Once I chose the yarn, I went on a hunt for a pattern that would work. I vetoed my usual boy-baby standby, Pembroke Vest, because of the highly variegated yarn I had chosen. I tried Assisted Hatchling (Ravelry link), only to change my mind because I didn’t want to deal with buttons. I contemplated the Small Things Sweater (Ravelry link) but again with the buttons, and I didn’t think I had enough yarn. Finally, I thought to myself “maybe I should look for a pattern that uses the specific yarn I have!”  A quick Ravelry search led me to several options and I settled on the Link Sweater by Jenna Swanson. (I also ADORE Pippin, but had the same yarn-and-button concerns as before).

Once I found a pattern that worked, I was able to finish the sweater pretty quickly. I’ve been waiting for nice weather to coincide with me having time to photograph it but I finally gave up and just took a few quick photos.  I need to get the sweater off to the baby before he outgrows it!

I had a few challenging moments while knitting the pattern that were eventually resolved by scrutinizing pattern photos, project notes on Ravelry and emailing the designer and in the end I am satisfied with the result. I think the simpler cables work well with the variegation in the yarn and the roomy construction should fit for a bit longer than a more fitted sweater.

 My teddy bear wasn’t thrilled to model, but I wanted to show the cute neckline off just a bit more than it shows in the laid-flat photograph. I am not quite sure what to call this style of neckline, but it’s got a notch cut into the front to create an extra big neck opening without needing buttons or using a more traditional V-neck.

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