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Month Two Begins

October 2, 2011

It won’t officially be the start of the second month of school until Tuesday, but I count “weeks” even if they aren’t full – so here we are at the start of the fifth week, second month of school.  This last week has been full of craziness but overall it’s finally starting to feel settled. I’m getting used to my schedule and hope to have a whole two hours off in the middle of the day at least once this week. You may recall that last week  I knit a sample for a friend, using yarn she chose and a pattern she wrote. When I had finished that, I decided to finally finish a pair of socks for my uncle (last year’s Christmas present.. oops!) only to discover I had the wrong needle size. I’ll have to sort that out one of these days, but for the time being that requires a bit too much thought.

Wednesday at knit night, my friend Lindy was knitting a Link Sweater using some Three Irish Girls Carpe Yarnem skeins from Sock Summit. It just so happened that I had a half-finished sweater with a Carpe Yarnem skein of my own in my bag at knit night, destined to be ripped and knit into something different because I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the original sweater.  Link seemed like the perfect choice!

Once again, a project that didn’t require much thought on my part – perfect!  After a few issues early on I think things are sorted out now (I had to fudge a few small details but it matches the pictures now!) and I’m partway through sleeve #1. It’s turning out to be a great single-skein-of-variegated-yarn baby sweater pattern!

This week, my students will be multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers with a bit of problem solving thrown in for good measure. My classes at one school have a quiz Tuesday and the other school’s class has their unit test on Friday! My goals for the week include finishing this sweater, working up swatches for another design idea, and grading an unending pile of papers.

What will you be doing this week?

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