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Making Time for Office Hours

September 17, 2011

As Trisha mentioned earlier, back-to-school time has arrived in earnest! Many of my friends started school already but out here in the Pacific Northwest quite a few districts (mine included) started today (NOTE: I started writing this post on September 6th. It is now the 17th. This should tell you something about the state of my brain.), the traditional day-after-Labor-Day start!

I am fortunate to have a teaching job this year, my first full year as a teacher, in this climate of budget cuts and increased class sizes, and I am grateful that part of it is at “my” school – the school where I did my student teaching last year, followed by a 6-week maternity cover.  It’s so nice to start the year off at a familiar school with familiar faces!

This year, I am teaching three sections of 6th grade math in the morning followed by one section of 6th grade math at a different school in the same district in the afternoon. The afternoon section was just added to my schedule late last week – up until then I thought I would have a leisurely afternoon to devote to lesson planning, grading, errands, chores and of course, knitting (can you say “office hours”, anyone?).  I am pleased to have this new class, but now I find myself trying to re-work my schedule to keep some of that dedicated knitting time.

Addendum: Since I first sat down to write this post, I have taught eight days of school, and missed one day during which I was travelling to Colorado for my little brother’s wedding.  When I say “little”, of course I mean “taller than me” and “adult”. It was lovely, but being gone for 3 days just as school was beginning certainly didn’t make things easier for me!

I am finally getting settled into my new routine and am plotting out my schedule to allow for (knitting) office hours.  Of course, just as I had worked out a plan that allowed plenty of time at each of my schools for collaboration, organization and planning, I was notified that I may be given yet another class to teach – so who knows what will become of my carefully crafted schedule!

Stay tuned for updates…

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  1. September 17, 2011 3:28 pm

    Office Hours needs to be capitalized. That’s how you know it’s important and you don’t skip it.

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