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Chilean yarn and crafts

July 16, 2011



My apologies for the quality of the photos in this post; I’m still on vacation in Chile and so I am limited to mobile internet access through my phone, which means cell phone photos are it! I am too excited about these purchases to wait, though, so here we are!

We have been here in Santiago for the past week and it has been great, it is an interesting city full of welcoming people. During our wanders we have come across lots of handcraft shops ranging from those geared to tourists to top notch local artisans. I have photos of some of the goods to share with you later but here are photos of two of my purchases.

One is a sweater made of the softest yarn I have ever felt. It’s alpaca, and such a lovely shade of brown! It’s slightly heathered and very pretty. The sweater has an interesting neckline and the same pattern is at the turned hems of the body and sleeves.  It’s so cozy and I can’t wait to wear it!

The second is yarn for me to make my very own hat and mitts with – I have been eyeing the various patterns and designs in the finished products, but when I found this yarn I knew I had to have it to try my hand at making something.  It’s wool, although I’m not sure what type (my Spanish is sadly lacking, and my husband’s doesn’t run to sheep breeds…) but it’s full of lanolin. The solid is a rich brown, and the other is a two-ply of cream and brown. There’s about 100g of each.

I’m not sure what else we will find in our journeys but I am excited to continue to explore Chile!

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