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Design for Glory!

July 10, 2011

When I arrived at our hotel in Santiago this morning and popped onto the internet to let friends and family know we had arrived safely, I was stunned to see an email with a link to the voting page for the Design for Glory contest. I had no idea the Sock Summit team would have the entries up so quickly!  It was a very exciting way to start the day (a nice surprise after a ten hour red-eye, that’s for sure)! Here’s my quick version of how At the Summit came to be.

Two years ago at Sock Summit, our friend Sharon at Three Irish Girls participated in the Dye for Glory competition. Four of her skeins won – an amazing feat!  We really enjoyed the whole experience from the observers’ side, so this year when the Sock Summit crew announced the Design for Glory contest, we knew we had to take part!

We had some really interesting ideas initially and throughout the design process we tried and discarded multiple variations of each component.  In the end, each of us contributed ideas and skills and together we were able to come up with what we feel is a unique and beautiful sock.  As the foot model, I must also say that it fits really well – I am itching to try some other designs with this style of heel now!

You can read more specific details about the pattern design and construction on the voting page at

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