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Summer Camp!

June 18, 2011

Well, I’ve never met a KAL I didn’t like.  Even though I know full well that I won’t actually finish…or, oftentimes, even start…I never hesitate to join.

So, when Camp Loopy was announced, I had to join in the fun.  Summer camp without tents, outhouses, and bugs? I’m there!  Camping on my couch, sleeping on my own bed? That’s my kind of camp!

We have to complete three projects over the summer, with a month to finish each one.  Project 1, to be knit between June 15th and July 15th, is “Campfire Nights”, where we will be making shawls, capes, and scarves in two (or more) colors.

Always ambitious…no, wait…delusional…I bought yarn for two different projects.  The first is SOS Shawl, by our very own Trisha.  I’ll be knitting this in SweetGeorgia‘s Superwash Sock, in the colors Espresso and Rainforest.  As both the designer and dyer are Canadian, this one will be called “Save Me From the Canadian Soldiers”…referring not to the Canadian Army, but to the swarms of mayflies/midges that fly in off Lake Erie, nicknamed “Canadian Soldiers” by those of us here in Cleveland.

Shawl two is Catkin by Carina Spencer.  This unique shawl/capelet is a fun and challenging knit.  I’m knitting it in the recommended yarn, Madelinetosh’s tosh merino light, a delightful fingering weight single-ply yarn with a tight twist.  After taking opinions from several groups on Ravelry, I decided on this combination:

Ms Taylor and Turquoise.  They weren’t the colors I originally planned to put together…

but, well…there is no arguing with yarn. So far, I’m making good progress on this one…I’m on the second to last row of Section 1 (the easy section…stockinette with garter stripes), so I feel almost confident that I’ll finish by the July 15th deadline.  Almost…because I’ll have to have the buttons sewn on to qualify.

And…I’m quite happy to report that several people are knitting Samovar as their Campfire Nights project…in some wild and fun colorways.  So we’ll be seeing some exciting new Samovars soon!

So…are you camping from the comforts of home this summer?  What will you be making? Do you think I’ll finish…including the button-sewing?

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  1. June 18, 2011 3:51 pm

    Yes. You WILL FINISH or you will hear about it!! :) And I plan to work on more Samovar tonight. It’s lovely. This camp loopy thing is so fun. I sure hope that next month isn’t some astronomically huge project or we’re all sunk, I think :)

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