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Things I Never Thought I’d Be Doing

June 13, 2011
  • herding mice into a trash can
  • knitting with beads
  • craving a toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwich (or a bacon butty. either would do, really)
  • watching hockey
Tesia, Trisha and I have spent the evening watching game six of the Stanley Cup and chatting with several other friends.  Trisha, being from Canada, is cheering for the Canucks, while I, being from New Hampshire, am cheering for the Bruins. However, I’ve decided that living in Seattle is close enough to Vancouver and so I will be equally happy if the Canucks win. Thankfully Trisha will still be my friend.
I will close with a few quotes from my friends.
“Go Canucks!” – Tesia
“YEAH Go Canucks!” – Trisha
(see? I am feeling a little bit outvoted. If only Allison were around!!)
PS. Only four more days until school’s out for the summer!!
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