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Beads and Yarn

June 7, 2011

If you had asked me last year if I would ever knit with beads, I would have said “No way man!”.  (Should there be a period there? I have no idea…)  However, last year a few of us made a trip to Churchmouse Yarns and Tea and I picked up a kit for their lovely Koigu Beaded Beret. After knitting one up, I wouldn’t say I’m hooked, but I definitely have discovered an appreciation for beaded knitted items.

When I had to pause in knitting my tee (waiting for more yarn, which I’ll get tomorrow), I picked up a gorgeous skein of cashmere blend yarn that was given to me last month and started swatching for a scarfy-shawl (scawl? sharf?). Within minutes, I’d decided that it called for beads. I finished swatching and charting and thinking and went to the bead store after work today where I picked up beads. Why, no, I didn’t buy several extra tubes of beads just because they were pretty, of course not, that would be silly!

Imagine my disappointment when I got home, eager to get started, only to realize that I can’t find my teeny tiny crochet hook. For those not yet introduced to the world of adding beads to your knitting, the crochet hook is used to put the beads onto the yarn (that’s my preferred method, anyway).  Never fear, however, rescue was near!  A strand of dental floss is quite a reasonable substitute, albeit a bit fiddly and minty.


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