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Knitting tip of the day

May 22, 2011

Important public service announcement.

Ok, so this might not be important to the public in general, just those who work with yarn.

Also those who enjoy a nice glass of red wine from time to time.

And who knit with wool, and use spit joins when starting a new skein.

Do not do a spit join immediately after having a sip of wine. Even more importantly, do not do a spit join after drinking a whole glass. Your pretty pink sweater could have a dark red splotch where the join was made. If you were knitting a pretty pink sweater, like, oh, say, Laughing Miss Dashwood in Cosmo from Three Irish Girls.

Of course I am not speaking from experience. The thought just occured to me as I knit that it could very possibly happen to you, so I thought I should warn you.


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