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A Designers Lament

February 13, 2011

So far in my designing career, I have been able to design only things that I love, things that I really want to knit and to have. This is absolutely true for my latest design, set to be published by Sanguine Gryphon this spring. I have stuck with my tradition of designing only things that I have no idea how to make. This design is a fun combination of a lot of things that I don’t normally do, such as flat knitting and seaming.

The lament part comes from the fact that it seems like forces are at work trying to stop me from finishing this project. The list of things that have gone wrong is extensive. I ordered beads online, to find the colours that I wanted, and when they came, the holes were too small. I recieved my yarn, enthusiastically cast on, and quickly realized that I was going to run short. When more yarn came, the dye lot was so different that I had to reknit a large part because alternating skeins wouldn’t have done it. (This isn’t a sign of bad things from SG, it’s just that the yarn was dyed seperately, about a month apart.) The computer program I use for charts has lost my completed work. Seven times. Seven. When that didn’t stop me, I burst a vein in my wrist and damaged a tendon, and couldn’t knit for a few weeks. I hired a sample knitter to do part of it, and waited very very impatiently until I could finish my part. My sample knitter could only get half done in the time frame that we had, and when I got it back, I had only a few days to finish it. (Her knitting is amazing, the best I have ever seen. I wish I could knit like her.) And then, with 14 rows left to go, in the home stretch, as it were, I slipped going down the stairs. I hit 3 stairs and the concrete floor, bruising my elbow and nether regions (to the point where I couldn’t sit, but rather had to lay with my butt against an ice pack.) and knocking my pointer finger on my left hand so that it swelled and got angry if I tried to use it. Not to mention that on every purl row, my pointy pointy Addi Lace needle poked a new hole in my fingertip. When this project is done, it will be fun, and pretty, and I will have the scars to prove it.

My big fear now is that when I pack it up to take to Seattle with me on Thursday, my luggage will be lost and I will never see it again.

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  1. Yarnista permalink
    February 22, 2011 8:04 pm

    Poor Trisha! That is horrible. :( Are you feeling better yet?

    • girlymomknits permalink*
      February 24, 2011 3:30 pm

      I am mostly better now. :)


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