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January 12, 2011

Lake Erie Water Snakes, that is…

Back when I was in high school in Western Massachusetts, Cleveland and Ohio and Lake Erie were just places on a map (if that, even.  New Englanders don’t tend to believe there is a world outside of that region).  Nowhere I’d ever actually go.  But, somehow, I found myself here, first for college ( and then for work (, more specifically,  Of course, in moving to a new state and a new part of the country meant exploring my ‘new backyard’.  And…well…what a big and wet backyard it is!  I’m now on the shores of Lake Erie.

When my parents come to visit, we often make the short drive out to the Sandusky area, home of Cedar Point and a gateway to the Lake Erie Islands.  On one such trip, we spotted the creatures that inspired the sock I designed for the Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista club this month.

The Lake Erie Water Snake lives only around the islands of Lake Erie.  While it is still classified as a nationally threatened/state endangered species, its numbers are improving and can be seen swimming through the waters and on to the shores of these islands.  A few years ago, they were made more famous in an appearance on The Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs. You can watch the video here:

Nerodia, named after the scientific name of the Lake Erie Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon
insularum, is a heavily cabled…yet easy-to-knit…toe-up sock.

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