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November 24, 2010

Tonight, some very good friends and I are celebrating a job well done. Obviously, Sharon did most of the work, but I believe that the Three Irish Girls Look book and pattern collection took a lot of hard work by a lot of people, and my goodness did it come out well. Tesia, Allison, Abi and I are so thrilled to have been included in this opus, and would like to share what we have been keeping secret for many months now. I will have to let my friends show you thier photos, since I do not have them, but I will boast now about my designs.

  Laughing Miss Dashwood is a lovely, flirtatious thing, knit with Carys BFL worsted. She is worked from the top down, in pieces to the bottom of the v-neck, and in the round from there. The slightly puffed sleeves and turned hem, as well as the fancy ribbing band around the underbust and sleeves add a certain je ne sais quoi. Shown here in the Cosmo colourway, she would be beautiful in any colour that flatters you.

  Strong Roots is a top down sock, with a leafy cuff knit flat, and a tree bark leg picked up and knit in the round down from there. Shown here in Ryan (brown) and Padraic (Green).

I can’t wait for the girls to have time to show you what they contributed. I am so proud of them.

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