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On fire!

November 20, 2010

Today, the designer in me was on fire! I started a chart for an upcoming secret thing, and it was made of win. Then I decided to just knit with some yarn that came to me in the mail all the way from New Zealand. Through a wonderful chain of events, brought about by Ravelry, I was contacted by the owner of Maude and Me, who had seen a picture of my tea cozy, and wondered if it were her colourway. (It was, but I didn’t know that at first.) After a bit of back and forth by pm on Rav, Tracee offered to send me some of her hand-dyed hand-spun for me to design with. Yesterday, that gift arrived. First of all, it’s mostly blue. So you know I love that. Second of all, it has blue sparkly glittery stuff in it! Which makes me all kinds of happy. And third of all, this yarn knows what it wants to be. I wasn’t sure. I said, Are you sure, Yarn? Really? And she said, Yep. Trust me. She was so right. I am glad I listened. So, if you are in the market for handpun that politely knows exactly what it wants to be when it grows up, or the fibre to make your own yarn that knows its own destiny, check out Tracee’s shop. She’s very nice, and after having worked with at least 2 of her colourways, I will tell you, she makes yarn that lives.

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