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No Obligations

October 1, 2010

I have had absolutely zero knitting obligations this week, and relatively few work/school obligations, so it’s been a fun week!  A little bit of knitting, a little bit of finishing, a little bit of pattern-writing, and a lot of relaxation – what more could I ask for?

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the things I’ve accomplished this week. What have you been working on?

I knit this hat and mitts, creating my own patterns as I went, to show off this gorgeous custom Handspun by Sweetknits yarn. The yarn is a wool/silk blend and it is just wonderful. I can’t wait to wear this set!


I attached the buttons to my Rainbow Tulip Cardigan, using the Three Irish Girls spring rainbow colors.


I knit a Koigu Beaded Beret (photo is pre-blocking), now destined to be gifted to somebody else – I am not a beret person, and it’s a bit too small for me anyway. It was fun to work with beads though!


I finally finished weaving in the ends so I can wear my Abalone!  Do you love it? I do! I’ve already had a compliment from a stranger, after wearing it in public for less than an hour.

And the things in progress (but uncertain… these may be ripped):


Betony socks, using Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino in a custom colorway. They’re a bit big, even though I’m getting gauge. Not sure I’ll be happy with the finished product, and I love the colors too much to give them away. They’re currently in time out while I contemplate my options.


Miss Margaret socks, using the gorgeous Woolgatherings wool, silk and SILVER yarn that I purchased at Serial Knitters during a yarn shopping expedition with out-of-town friends. These are not quite doomed yet, they’re a bit big but I’m hoping it will be okay once I get a few more pattern repeats out of the way.

Also, just a quick note: the author of Vampire Knits is hosting a giveaway on the book blog, if anyone is interested in trying for another copy – if you haven’t bought yours already, of course! ;)

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  1. Rhonnie permalink
    October 3, 2010 3:18 pm

    What gorgeousness!!! It’s nice to be able to knit with no pressure! (Not that I ever have your kind of pressure, just my own self imposed, lol).
    I have been working on three sweaters for L and my sister’s abalone while I was gone. Got LOTS of progress made that I’ll post tomorrow on Rav :)

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