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Abalone Progress; Contest Winner!

September 13, 2010

I made good progress on my Abalone last night and tonight! Yesterday, I finished the body and grafted the shoulders together. Today, I finished the sleeve edging, and picked up stitches and worked one (out of eight) garter ridges for the body edging.  I followed the pattern and picked up two stitches for every 3 rows on the horizontal edges, and then one stitch per column on the curved parts and 5 stitches in every 6 along the bottom edge. This ratio worked well for the armhole edging and seems to be working for the body edging so far. Tomorrow I’ll decide what sort of increases and decreases to use to help the body edging lay flat.

It was particularly exciting to finish the sleeve edging because I was able to try it on!  It really needs the body edging to look properly finished, but at least I know it will fit. I am hoping I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow, but I teach my very first proper lesson on Wednesday so I may have some work to do for that.

Also, the contest for a copy of Vampire Knits has now finished and a winner has been chosen.  I used to choose a number between 1-29 (giving each comment a number in the order in which they appeared and disregarding my reply), and the result was….

Comment #23!

KatherineR, I’ve sent an email with information on how to claim your prize :)

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  1. mom permalink
    September 13, 2010 9:41 pm

    oh shucks…..i am off a day again! it is soooooo hot in FL now…..not pleasant!

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