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An Update, of Sorts

September 4, 2010

As Allison shared, we are all in the midst of knitting various secret projects.

I have finished knitting the Endless Garter Stitch Project, and I love it.  It is perfect. The color combination is fantastic, the overall appearance is wonderful and – while I did complain a bit about the endless nature of the garter stitch – it was the perfect project for summer knitting.  Not too heavy, not too hot, very portable (up until the border, at any rate) and fun! It was excellent TV knitting and kept me company through quite a few episodes of Buffy and Angel.  The last step is to weave in the final ends and give it a wash and block.  I’ll share a few photos of that process when I get to it – maybe tomorrow or Monday.

In the meantime, I was just getting excited about a new project – an Abalone (note: opens a .jpg image. Click on it once to enlarge it) shrug/sweater. Some friends are planning to use their most recent Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie yarn to knit this, and I am joining them.  Instead of using 3IG yarn, however, I’m planning to use Selah Bella in Murmur.

Bella close up

I received this yarn in the old Irish Baby Knits yarn of the month club back in 2008, and have tried to make several things with it since then, none too successfully! However, Abalone looks perfect – can’t you just picture it layered over a black tank or long sleeve shirt with dark blue jeans? I knit up a swatch yesterday and was looking forward to casting on while watching a movie last night with my husband…

and then the mail arrived.  In the mail was gorgeous yarn – yarn that was a surprise to me, and that is a secret from everyone else.  This yarn is marked for two projects, both of which need to be completed by the end of the month.  Both of which are secrets from everyone.

So, instead of casting on for Abalone last night, I cast on for a secret project.  Always a fan of instant gratification (and not a fan of fiddly knitting while watching movies), I started the smaller project (I’ll call it “Toasty”). I am excited to share that it’s almost finished – a quick three needle bind off and some finish work, and it’ll be done.  Since it’s a long weekend, I am going to be sneaky and take time to cast on for my Abalone and get it to the point of mindless knitting before I switch tactics and cast on for the larger secret project (which I’ll call “Adorable”).  Hopefully I can get past the set-up work on both before the weekend’s over.

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