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When I can’t knit

July 22, 2010

How do I handle it when I can’t knit. Hmm. That’s a tough question. Because I can always knit. I make time. If I don’t knit, my hands get twitchy. I knit in my mind, if I don’t have real needles in my hands. Which sounds crazy, if you aren’t a Knitter, but if you are, you know what I mean.

I knit while my kids play at the park. I don’t feel comfortable staying at home, cleaning or the like, if I can’t see them, so I knit instead, on the deck. If my hands are sore, or I have other things to do, like write a blog post, I sit with my knitting on my lap.

It’s a bit easier for me, than my TAA buddies. I don’t work outside my home. I have a lot of evenings to myself. I get plenty of knitting time. But still, it never seems like enough. The queue is always long, the yarn that has yet to be used calls my name, I think of things that my family or I need to have, that can’t be obtained in any other way than my knitting them. (Store bought? Uh, what does that mean?)

And I plan. I prepare. For the day, which may or may not come, where I can’t see so well. Blindess is a complication that can be expected when you have the disease that I have. So sometimes I practice knitting without watching my hands. I am developing the ability to knit instictively. And I know that if I stay in the yarn club I am in forever, I won’t have to worry about using ugly colours without knowing it. But for now, I can see and enjoy all aspects of my craft.

So. Now that we know that I can always knit, that’s what I am going to do.

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