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Yarn Makes Me Happy

July 17, 2010
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So the topic of the week is yarn. How do you feel about it, how does it make you feel, what do you like about it? I like yarn; it makes me happy. Past that, I had a hard time putting my thoughts into words.

I asked my husband: “I have to say something about yarn for the blog. What should I say?”

His response: “It’s stringy.”

Oddly enough, this ties in perfectly to what I was going to talk about. This article from Knitty, “It’s Not a Stash, It’s a Collection“, opened my mind to a world of possibilities. Prior to reading it, I had a stash, one that weighed on my mind. I could think of projects I wanted to make faster than I could knit them, and if I had thought of a project, I could justify purchasing the yarn. My mind is not good at leaving things alone however, and there were numerous occasions when thinking about my stash would cause anxiety.

I had too much yarn, certainly enough to keep me busy for years. I started to have guilt about buying more yarn. How could I justify it when I already had a sizable stockpile?

And then I read Kate’s work of staggering genius, “It’s Not a Stash, It’s a Collection.”

My husband collects many things, among them Star Wars toys. To him, they’re not “toys”, they’re “action figures” and “collectibles”. They’re symbolic, sometimes rare, and they make him happy.

To me, yarn is not string, it’s happiness in fibery form. It can be appreciated for its beauty. It can be something, or it can just be. Some serve as memorabilia of friends and fiber-filled weekends, like my extensive amount purchased at Sock Summit 2009.  I even have some rare skeins in my collection, like Georgia Peach on Wexford.

I will still often buy yarn with a project in mind, but sometimes I will just buy it because I like it. The colorway is unique, the base is irresistible, or the skein just makes me happy. And if I have a lot, that’s okay. It’s no longer a backlog of unfinished (and often not-yet-started) projects. It is simply a collection, and that makes me happy.

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