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July 17, 2010

The other day, a package came for me in the mail. It was quite obviously yarn, when I saw the bubble envelope, and return address. But even before I saw it, I knew what it was because my 5 year old came running in the house yelling YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the way a British football fan yells GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s how I feel when I get yarn in the mail. I like yarn in the mail so much that I pretty much never get it in any other way. We have a small LYS in town, and a Michaels, and while the LYS is starting to carry yarns that I actually like, for example, I really excited to discover Malabrigo Gruesa there last year, I prefer the online experience. The thrill of chosing from available colourways, and bases, and then waiting for it to come. We get most of our bills online, so the only things that bring our mail carrier up the driveway are junk mail, yarn, and yarn paraphernalia. It’s almost too bad, I really like our mail carrier. I could see her more often. But she doesn’t bring me yarn that often, and here is why.

My grandma is a collector. Some might say packrat. Some do say packrat. And some say to me “You are just like your grandmother.” I love my grandmother, and am proud to be like her. BUT. I don’t want to have so much yarn I forget what I have. I don’t want boxes full of unfulfilled dreams. I like the idea that so many people share that they love the dreams that come with the yarn. What will it be? Who will it be for? Well, left to my own devices, and with an unlimited budget, I might have so much yarn that I couldn’t dream that many dreams. So I like to have only a little in my stash. Now, little is a relative term. My husband is a fan of the buy only what you need for this project method. I guess he doesn’t realize how often I finish a project at night, when I can’t go buy more yarn for the next thing. So I have a goal to have 30 skeins in my stash. Right now, I have more. For the last year, I have had more. I started out with 99 in my Ravelry stash in September, (Rav stashes count how many entries are in there, not how many actual skeins. So 10 skeins for a sweater counts as the same as a skein of sock yarn.) As of yesterday morning, I had 33 skeins left. I was so close to my goal. And then the mail came. Someone, who will not be named, but who has a sock puppet alias, sent me two gorgeous skeins. A skein of Bugga! in a delicious greenish shade, and a 50/50 merino silk in dusty rose that is indescribable. So my stash is now back up to 35. And do you know what? I don’t care. I love the yarn, and even more, I love the friends who in the past year have sent me more yarn than I can count, just because they are nice people and have giving hearts. I could lose all this yarn, and be ok, because I have gained so much more out of this knitting habit. So very much more.

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  1. July 18, 2010 2:03 pm

    Every time a package of any kind comes into our house, my kids start jumping up and down and screaming, “Mommy has yarn! Mommy has yarn!” I think they’re more disappointed then I am at the times they’re wrong!

    It’s possible–just possible, mind–that I have more yarn than you do in my stash. ;-) And I know that chances are very good that I’ll never knit it all, especially since I occasionally–just occasionally, mind–buy more. But I’ve always thought of them as being dreams to be passed on, rather than dreams unfulfilled. They might be passed on to a friend in a swap, or to a stranger in a sell/trade, or to one of my children or grandchildren many years in the future, but someone will live that dream with the yarn. :-)

  2. Lyn (DownwardDogFbrs) permalink
    July 21, 2010 7:28 am

    When you upload to Excel you can total the number of skeins. Warning – I do not recommend this! Mine comes to just under 1300. I was happier not knowing this…


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