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My incredibly delightfully awesome friends

July 10, 2010

Less than a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Trisha, Abigail, and Allison (in sock puppet form) at Sock Summit. My oldest and dearest friend, Lindy, joined me at Sock Summit, and was surprised to hear that I had plans to meet “online knitting friends”. I am not the type to make new friends, let alone go out of my way to meet people, and the fact that we had “met” over the internet was the most shocking part as I tend to shy away from technology. And now because of these wonderful friends, I find myself saying, “I have a blog!”


I was very anxious about meeting Trisha and Abigail (not so much Allison, because sock puppet versions aren’t as anxiousness-causing as real people). Having gotten to know them a bit in the Ravelry forums, I knew that they were two of the coolest people I had ever come across. They were a million times more awesome in real life!


Trisha is incredible. She’s an amazingly talented knitter and designer. I was stunned to find out that she only started knitting a few years ago. She is also a supportive wife and wonderful mother to two very lucky little boys. Trisha has the ability to make everyone feel important. She is a constant cheerleader to us all, and I am so blessed to have her as my friend.


Abigail is delightful. She is also an amazingly talented knitter and designer. Abi knits at lightning speed, hates purling and pooling, and is not afraid to cut her knitting. With scissors. Abi loves to ski and travel with her husband, and does not like to get her face wet or eat mushrooms. She is going to school to become qualified to teach middle school math and science, a job that in and of itself should tell you just how amazing she is. I am so happy that we live close enough for frequent knitting nights, and I am so blessed to have her as my friend.


Allison is awesome. Since she did not have the opportunity to meet us in person at Sock Summit, she jumped at the chance to fly across the country and then drive 15 hours with Abi and me to visit Trisha in the Great White North. Before we met, she kept trying to warn me about how she was boring and not cool, which are blatant lies. Lies, I tell you! Allison is awesome, interesting, and totally cool. She is my coffee drinking buddy, my drop spindling companion, and the best shopping partner ever for those who wish to have a vicarious experience. Allison is smart, funny, and loving. She knits even when tired, and creates new designs faster than I can knit them. I am so blessed to have her as my friend.


These three women have enriched my life and make me want to be better. At knitting, designing, and life. With their friendship, I know that I will be.

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  1. Lyn (DownwardDogFbrs) permalink
    July 11, 2010 8:02 am

    I like your new venture, can’t wait to see new designs! It’s fun to read your impressions of each other. I hope I get the chance to meet y’all in person someday!


  1. TAAT Designs « The Magpie Knitter

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