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My Best Friends

July 9, 2010

My childhood friends would probably describe me as shy and quiet, but somehow I doubt Tesia, Allison and Trisha would agree! In fact, we wouldn’t be friends if not for the fact that we all like to TALK, and then some!

Although we have known each other for years through Ravelry – on our favorite Yarnista’s forums – we didn’t spend any time together until last year.

It takes a special kind of person to drive 15 hours to carpool and room with someone that she had never met before – who else would do that, but our Trisha? She is the most kind-hearted, generous and supportive woman I have had the pleasure to meet. Though we live 15 (or 12… shh… don’t tell her!) hours apart, we have managed to visit each other regularly, and every time we do, it is like no time has gone by. We instantly settle into the joy of just being together.  Trisha’s warm heart and strength of character have helped us all through the challenges and joys of life! She’s always so patient, with us, with her husband, with her two young boys, and her advice is always spot-on.  In the knitting world, her eye for color and creativity have led her to pattern designing and she has several fantastic patterns already published, some in her shop, Girlymom’s Ravelry Shop.

I’m fortunate enough to live near Tesia, so we get to spend time together on a regular basis. We like to pester Allison and Trisha to visit us, or go visit Trisha (with or without Allison, because sometimes that pesky thing called WORK gets in the way), even if it means driving through the night or telling the Immigration guy at the US/Canada border that we were just in Canada for dinner :)  Tesia is amazingly talented, keeping up with a full time job, full time school, a husband and friends AND her knitting – while still finding time to train for half marathons, which she runs to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. She’s even talking about doing the Seattle-To-Portland ride next (and has managed to talk me into joining her), which means we may biking 200 miles over two days in just over a year. Tesia is a fantastic knitter who is never afraid to frog and re-knit something if it isn’t quite right, and her attention to detail and determination to make exactly what she wants have helped her create some stunning patterns!

And that brings us to Allison, who was brave enough to fly out here to meet me and Tesia for the first time, before joining us on a trip to Trisha’s house, 15 hours away. Luckily for us, she’s an excellent travelling companion – er, I mean, luckily for her, we are nice people! ;)  Allison works in the world of biomedical research and collects samples from exotic locations like Nepal for a living, which always seems terribly exotic to me. I know just enough about science to know that what she does is complicated and important, but not enough to really understand it… ahh well, perhaps some day…  Allison’s brain works in wonderful ways, producing design idea after design idea, many of which eventually find their way into her shop, SPAllison Presents.

Together, these three women add so much inspiration and delight to my life – I am so fortunate to call them friends :)


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  1. Jaia permalink
    July 9, 2010 8:06 pm

    You guys are so cute! Best of luck to all of you – I wish you nothing but success in this new endeavor!


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