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July 8, 2010

Would you ever fly all the way across the country to meet two people you’ve only met online…only to hop in a car to drive half a day into the Great White Frozen North to meet a third person you’ve only met online…to sit and knit in a living room for two days?  That’s exactly what I did…to meet three of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

Tesia met me at the airport…the most enthusiastic and excited person I’ve ever met…I cannot imagine her anything less than happy and excited and bubbling over with enthusiasm.  Her excitement is infectious…and once you meet her, you can read that joy in every word she types.  She is a great knitting friend…she’ll help you shop…but pull you out of the market before you spend all of your retirement savings on yarn!

I almost met Abi years ago, when I offered her and her husband a couch to crash on as they drove cross country.   At first, I thought it was a bit too strange and trusting of me…but then, years later, I flew cross country…to meet one of the nicest people…and smartest knitters…ever.   She’s a walking encyclopedia of Three Irish Girls and knitting knowledge…we all gathered ’round to watch her fearlessly cut her first steek.  Hopefully, she will be the one to save mathematics education in this country…and her ability to focus in the midst of any insanity is proof she’ll be great in the classroom.

Trisha is an amazing and caring friend…she can remember all sorts of things about everyone.  Her ability to make everyone feel welcome and special and important is second to none.  She’s a great friend and the ‘big sister’ I never had.  But in addition to her friendship…she’s an amazing knitter and an amazing designer with fun and creative ideas.

These three women have become three of my best and dearest friends over the past couple years, sharing life and knitting.  They inspire me to be greater than I think I can be.  Welcome and join us…if you’re going to invite any group of strangers to knit with you in your living room, there is no greater group.


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